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Mesenchymal Stem Cells

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Over time, our tissue can lose functionality due to age, injury, and disease. That can mean longer healing time, cellular aging and changing chemical environments. Fortunately, each person is born with building blocks capable of repairing and replenishing tissue.

We like to think of regenerative medicine as cooperative medicine: a way of working with the care continuum and your body. As your body loses its ability to repair itself, we can intervene with the highly professional Predictive Biotech’s products to cooperate with your body’s natural functions. This helps supplement, cushion, and provide support right where it’s needed.

Tissue Source

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By thoroughly understanding the building blocks at work within the human body, we are able to pinpoint specific tissue sources we believe are best suited for regenerative medicine. Our products are intentionally derived from two tissue sources: the Wharton’s jelly layer of the umbilical cord as well as placental tissue. One we have identified the proper product to use for your individual needs and goals, we will help you understand the long-term benefits of this treatment and how you can help optimize your results outside of the treatment room.

How it Works

At Cratus Medical Vitality Institute in West Bloomfield, we offer stem cell treatments using Predictive Biotech’s Wharton’s jelly product, CoreCyte™️. This is a gelatinous substance in the umbilical cord that is known to be a rich source of cytokines, growth factors, proteins and mesenchymal stem cells. CoreCyte™ is a minimally manipulated human tissue allograft derived from the Wharton’s jelly of the umbilical cord. CoreCyte™ is processed to preserve the integrity of Wharton’s jelly for homologous use and cryogenically preserved.

After a thorough consultation and examination, our doctor or other highly trained medical professionals will administer this product to you using a carefully placed injection technique.

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