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ketamine therapy in West Bloomfield

Does Ketamine Therapy in West Bloomfield Actually Work?

Men's Wellness / April 28, 2021

For most people, Ketamine therapy isn’t their first method of treatment for depression. In fact, many people who visit Cratus Medical Vitality Institute in West Bloomfield have already exhausted several different routes for finding help. Part of this is because Ketamine hasn’t been utilized as a mood treatment for very long, so many people don’t even know it’s an option. 

However, most of those treated with Ketamine therapy in West Bloomfield experience life-changing results. The method isn’t a cure-all, but people tend to notice a substantial improvement in their quality of life because of these treatments. Essentially, people find hope with Ketamine treatments that they just haven’t had. 

Perhaps the best part: there are a variety of different mood conditions Ketamine can treat. Those with PTSD, treatment-resistant depression, anxiety, suicidal ideations, and more have all benefited from treatment sessions with our staff. 

In terms of success rates, roughly 70 percent of those with treatment-resistant depression and PTSD experienced rapid results. Many of these patients suffered from depression and other mental health issues, as well as ineffective treatments, for years before beginning ketamine. Some even made attempts on their own life. 

Though effectiveness varies, the high success rate among those with even the most severe symptoms is very encouraging. Additionally, Ketamine is also effective in treating anxiety disorders, such as General Anxiety Disorder, OCD, Social Anxiety, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and more.

Anxiety and depression often go hand-in-hand, and like with depression, anxiety is a condition to be treated rather than a mood that you can change. The results for those with anxiety have been highly encouraging.

And once you receive treatment, results tend to last over several days to several weeks or even months. Even when the physical symptoms of your condition do return, we’ve found that most people are better equipped to handle them thanks to their treatments. Ultimately, this leads to a lasting boost in mood and daily functionality. 


Schedule Your Consultation with Cratus Medical in West Bloomfield!

When you work with Cratus Medical Vitality Institute, you get the benefit of dedicated and knowledgeable staff. They’ll guide you through each stage of the treatment process, offering support and expertise for your support for your Ketamine treatments in West Bloomfield.

We also offer a variety of other treatments designed to improve your health and well-being. We customize each plan specifically for you, and we’ll work with you individually to overcome your unique challenges. 

Whether it’s improving your mood, helping your energy levels, or just increasing your overall quality of life, our staff can’t wait to help you. Schedule a consultation today and see the difference a science-backed plan and an experienced staff can do for you.


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